Standard package

  • Metronamica license
  • Three 3-day training sessions*

€ 24,900   (order here)

Most of our users are best served with some training to take full advantage of Metronamica's capabilities. Therefore, we offer a standard package that will teach you to set up and calibrate a Metronamica application for your own region, after which you can use it as a policy support tool.

Software (order here)

Metronamica € 15,000
Maintenance contract €   2,000 per year
Transport extension price on request
Macro-economic extension price on request
Demographic extension price on request

Training (order here)

Introductory training course* (3-day workshop; learn to use Metronamica for policy support) €   4,000
Full training course* (three 3-day workshops; learn to set up and calibrate a Metronamica application) € 10,000


As the price for RIKS' services depends on the situation, we prefer to give you a personalised offer. Please contact us with a description of your situation and expectations, so we can discuss what's possible.

* Training courses are organised at RIKS for a maximum of 4 people. On-site training and more attendees can be facilitated for an additional fee.

All listed prices exclude VAT. The information on this website is provided without warranty and does not obligate RIKS in any way.