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Version history

Version 4.3.0   (29 November 2012)

  • Suitability Tool for deriving suitability maps from base data
  • Improvements to the functionality and user interface of the scenario manager
  • Added support for large raster maps that don't fit entirely in memory
  • Added in the wizard the matrix of land use function to sector correspondence
  • Impassable land uses now form an obstruction when calculating the distance to the nearest infrastructure element
  • Inertia/conversion effect for vacant land uses
  • Land use change indicator type added to user defined indicators
  • Clumpiness indicator type added to user defined indicators
  • Legend files can be associated with ancillary maps manually
  • Added functionality to export projects with all associated data (maps)
  • Added support for GeoTIFF raster file format
  • Map windows are more responsive, as the displayed images are rendered in the background
  • Improved error checking; less and easier to understand error messages
  • Various performance improvements

Version 4.2.2   (25 February 2011)

  • Scenario support added to 'log maps' functionality
  • Various small bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Updated training material with Zoning Tool exercises

Version 4.2.1   (17 January 2011)

  • Support addition and removal of infrastructure layers
  • Updated sample data and integrated help

Version 4.2.0   (29 December 2010)

  • New Zoning Tool for easier and more flexible interpretation of zoning plans
  • Total potential formula can be changed from the user interface
  • Animate networks and more control over animation settings
  • Add ancillary maps and overview of maps in menu
  • New, easier to use legend editor
  • Full compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Many performance improvements and functionality tweaks

Version 4.1.3   (15 March 2010)

  • Support for point shape files
  • Various bug fixes

Version 4.1.2   (1 Februari 2010)

  • New Rank-Size Tool
  • Tweaks for better feedback on parameter bounds

Version 4.1.1   (15 December 2009)

  • Better integration with Overlay-Tool
  • Improved the 'new project' wizard
  • Updated sample project

Version 4.1.0   (17 November 2009)

  • Support for regional interaction model (Metronamica ML)
  • Improved scenario management

Version 4.0.0   (29 September 2009)

  • First release using new user interface design and updated modelling framework

Earlier versions are not listed.