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  • Metronamica version 4.3 now available.
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Metronamica version 4.3 released

Metronamica version 4.3 has been released. If you have a maintenance contract, you can use the new models and improved software. Your projects will be upgraded automatically when you open them in the new version.

The following features have been added:

  • Suitability Tool for deriving suitability maps from base data
  • Improvements to the functionality and user interface of the scenario manager
  • Added support for large raster maps that don't fit entirely in memory
  • Added in the wizard the matrix of land use function to sector correspondence
  • Impassable land uses now form an obstruction when calculating the distance to the nearest infrastructure element
  • Inertia/conversion effect for vacant land uses
  • Land use change indicator type added to user defined indicators
  • Clumpiness indicator type added to user defined indicators
  • Legend files can be associated with ancillary maps manually
  • Added functionality to export projects with all associated data (maps)
  • Added support for GeoTIFF raster file format
  • Map windows are more responsive, as the displayed images are rendered in the background
  • Improved error checking; less and easier to understand error messages
  • Various performance improvements

See the version history for a complete overview.